Monday, March 27, 2017

Rail Freight Operator Warns Drivers of Dangers of Rail Crossings

Video Released Showing Near Misses
Shipping News Feature
AUSTRALIA – The CBH Group, the largest grain growers cooperative in the country, is warning drivers to be vigilant around rail crossings following a number of vehicles coming close to colliding with its trains and has now released a video with footage of some of the cases to illustrate its point. CBH Group General Manager of Operations David Capper said:

“These near-miss events are happening as often as every fortnight, which raises the question of just how long it will be before there is a collision, national statistics show that there were 27 collisions at level crossings in the year to June 2016.

“There is clearly a very serious risk here to both drivers and rail operators and we’re pleading with drivers to please be extra careful around level crossings. These incidents also have a very serious impact on our rail operators and train drivers, for the safety of everyone involved we need people to take extra care when crossing rail lines.”