Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rail Freight Group Plans for the Future

Manifesto to Pressurise Government to Support Growth
Shipping News Feature

UK - The Rail Freight Group and the Rail Freight Operators Association, a compendium of over 150 logistics, manufacturing and retailing companies, this week published their proposed manifesto for the growth and improvement of the industry.

The group will lobby to protect and expand the current rail infrastructure, assist in the planning of new rail freight terminals, put their case for sustaining current environmental benefit schemes, encourage all parties to ensure round the clock efficient services and insist that road haulage is reined in wherever possible by resisting any increase in vehicle size limits and insisting all transport methods contribute to the external costs they generate.

The manifesto will comprise at least nine separate papers of which four have so far been published with the rest to follow over the next few days. The group is plainly setting out the stall for the future of the UK rail freight industry in time for the next general election where the environment is likely to prove a key issue.

The RFG argues that, given proper political support, the improvement and growth of rail as a more major force in UK commercial transport will improve the country’s competitiveness in world markets whilst supporting the UK commitment to carbon reduction.