Thursday, November 7, 2019

Rail Freight Group Lays Down its Blueprint for the Future

Pre-Election Manifesto Targets Five Crucial Needs
Shipping News Feature

UK – It is not just those fighting an election these days who issue a manifesto. The Rail Freight Group (RFG) has set out its priorities for the new Government and called on all Party leaders to include rail freight as part of their transport commitments.

The RFG insists that with a renewed focus on UK trade, and increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, supporting rail freight should be a key part of future transport policy. To this end the organisation has prepared the manifesto, which can be read in full here, but which concentrates on the following points:

  • Put freight customers at the heart of the national rail network
  • Provide capacity for long-term growth
  • Support for rail decarbonisation
  • Recognise the importance of rail terminals in the planning framework
  • Encourage new markets and opportunities for rail freight
The RFG released a document ‘the Potential for Rail Freight’ after concluding that the industry is already delivering benefits in excess of £1.7 billion each year and produces 76% less carbon dioxide than the equivalent journey by road. The organisation produced a document entitled ‘The Potential for Rail Freight’ concluding that, with the right interventions, rail freight could create £75 to £90 billion in benefits over the coming decade. Maggie Simpson, Director General of the RFG, said:

“Rail freight is delivering for businesses across the country, and with trade patterns changing on the doorstep of Brexit, and a focus on sustainability, our customers are pushing for further growth. The new Government has an opportunity to unlock significant benefits through their support for our sector and our plan sets out five priorities areas which should be addressed. We look forward to working with them to take this forward.”