Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rail Freight Carrier Commits to Renewable Energy Off the Track

Sites and Offices to Use Only Environmentally Favourable Sources
Shipping News Feature
UK – DB Cargo, the rail freight operator which is a subsidiary of German state owned group Deutsche Bahn, and which claims the title of Britain's biggest track borne cargo company, is to power all its rail sites and offices with 100% renewable electricity courtesy of a three-year agreement with SSE Business Energy. Roger Neary, Head of Sales at DB Cargo UK, explained the company's motivation, saying:

“Our customers have long understood the environmental benefits of moving their goods via rail rather than road; however [they] are increasingly more environmentally aware, with ‘green issues’ becoming prominent on their daily agendas. This initiative not only demonstrates DB Cargo's understanding of our customers’ requirements but also supports DB Cargo’s vision for global sustainability."

DB Cargo UK worked with Schneider Electric along with DB Schenker UK and Arriva UK Group to identify and evaluate supplier options and arrange the deal. The rail freight company ultimately selected SSE Business Energy based on price and additional services. Andy Dewis, Vice President of Energy & Sustainability Service at Schneider Electric, said:

“As technologies advance and prices fall, renewables make good business sense, but with an array of options, finding the right source and supplier and negotiating favourable terms, can be daunting. Through a rigorous selection process, DB Cargo made a milestone investment that serves its customers, communities and long-term operational needs.”

Richard Lait, Head of Safety, Security & Environment at DB Cargo UK told how the company felt it made good economic sense, as well as ensuring power came from sources which do not cause significant impact on the environment, and colleague Andrea Jones, Head of Procurement said the company was committed to work with its suppliers to support the DB2020+ Group global strategy to become an ‘Eco-Pioneer’ by 2020. Amber McEwen, Head of Marketing at SSE Business Energy concluded, saying:

“There is an increasing demand in the market for organisations to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious. SSE has the broadest portfolio of renewable energy generating assets in the UK and Ireland, and we’re delighted to be able to use these assets to offer SSE Green.”