Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Race to Ever Larger Container Ships Continues as New Order Placed

Six Ultra Large Vessels for Delivery in 2022
Shipping News Feature

SOUTH KOREA – TAIWAN – Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has clinched a deal worth a total of US$920 million with Taiwanese shipping company, Evergreen Marine, to build 6 ultra-large containerships, each with a capacity of circa 23,764 TEU, slightly exceeding the current largest vessels currently in service owned by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).

Measuring 400 metres long, 61.5 metres wide and 33.2 metres high, the newbuildings will overtake the world's largest containership, the 23,756 TEU MSC Gülsün which was delivered by SHI to MSC in July this year. The first of Evergreens new series of ultra-large vessels is expected to be delivered in May 2022.

Evergreen claims these vessels will be capable of sailing safely and economically with the installation of SVESSEL, a next-generation smart ship system independently developed by SHI. Outfitted with Energy Saving Devices (ESDs), such as SAVER Fin and Rudder bulb, and new hull forms, SHI claims that these highly-efficient smart ships can reduce fuel consumption by up to 7%.

SAVER Fin, an SHI's representative ESD that is applied to outer plating of vessels, is a device to control water flow around hulls that boasts improved fuel efficiency and significantly reduced ship vibrations. The technology has been applied to more than 200 vessels to date. Other types of ESDs like Rudder bulb and SAVER Stator, which enhance marine propulsion by controlling water flow before and behind propellers, have also been used on many vessels.

SHI says that its 23,000 TEU box ships order book has now become the world's largest with 14 vessels. The shipbuilder’s year-to-date contract wins stand at $5.1 billion, which meets 65% of its annual target $7.8 billion, with 35 vessels of different types, including 14 crude oil tankers, 11 LNG carriers, six container ships, two product carriers, one special ship and one FPSO. An official spokesperson from SHI, commented:

"The demand for ultra-large containerships is expected to continue as global ship owners have reduced cost through an economy of scale. Based upon advanced technologies including smart ships and reduced energy consumption as well as new designs for hull forms, Samsung Heavy will keep leading the ultra-large box ships market.”

Photo: Samsung Heavy Industries President Nam Joon-Ou (R) shakes hands with Anchor Chang, Chairman of Evergreen Marine (L).