Thursday, February 27, 2014

Project Freight Forwarding Team Deliver on Time - Despite the Weather

Machinery Movement Not Delayed Despite Port Closures
Shipping News Feature

UK – NIGERIA – Over the past few years the export trade of plant and machinery from Britain has flourished, both in new as well as second hand products. The size and shape of many items can present a challenge to project freight forwarding groups, particularly for newly manufactured items which, despite the nature of what often lies before them, are expected to arrive in pristine condition.

When the specialist staff at Manchester based Tuscor Lloyd’s were asked to ship a Backhoe Loader required for a construction project taking place in Onne, Nigeria they opted to load the eight tonne piece at the Staffordshire manufacturer’s onto a semi low loader trailer which transported the cargo by road 165 miles south east from Staffordshire to the port of Tilbury, from which it was due to sail.

Upon arrival at the port the machine was secured, using heavy duty ratchet straps and steel wires/tensioners, onto a 20ft flatrack container with collapsible walls thus remaining within the width and length profile of a standard box. After delivery to quayside however Mother Nature took a hand and, due to the severe weather conditions in the south east of the UK (causing some ports to shut down completely) the original vessel which was due to pick up the cargo omitted its UK port calls.

The experienced project handling team at Tuscor Lloyds however were able to quickly arrange an alternative vessel which retained the initial ETA and didn’t affect the overall cost of the movement. The cargo duly arrived in Tanger-Med (the cargo port approximately 40km east of Tangier, Morocco) and was transhipped onwards to Nigeria where it arrived on schedule in the port of Onne for discharge and delivery to the customer.