Thursday, January 29, 2015

Project Freight Forwarding Outfit on a Mission to Change Perception of the Shipping Sector

Vote for Your Favourite Ad and You May Win One of Ten Available Prizes
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – One project freight forwarding agency has grown tired of the fact that the shipping sector is habitually ignored by the general public. Now Tuscor Lloyds is endeavouring to offer a unique marketing message to promote a traditional industry renowned for its anonymity. From puzzles to riddles, illustrations to photography, optical illusions and more, the Manchester based team are busy creating a plethora of original adverts that feature in trade press, online and throughout promotional materials with the intention to relay their specialist services in the most unique, inventive way.

With over 630,000 people in Britain alone engaged in operating the supply chain and contributing £8.45 billion in tax and 2% of the national economy*, public awareness of global shipping remains almost non-existent.

Now anyone has the chance to vote online HERE for what they consider the best advertisement with automatic entry into a prize draw, simply ‘Like’ the ad you choose on the Facebook page. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness in all communications of the ‘secret’ industry that underpins our civilization. The selection of ads offers just some of the ‘new wave’ creative ideas hoping to brighten up the often seemingly dull world of shipping.

* Rose George, Deep Sea and Foreign Going.