Monday, July 28, 2014

Project Freight Forwarding and Dangerous Animals Make Uneasy Bedfellows

Having a Pair of Giant Saltwater Crocodiles as a Consignment Makes for an Interesting Shipment
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – UAE – Two of the areas of logistics which can hold the most potential for problems are the worlds of project freight forwarding and international pet and animal transport. When the pair combine and include one of the world’s most deadly species, and additionally a natural water dweller, everybody involved has to be at the top of their game to ensure a satisfactory result.

Mainfreight International in Australia and Freightworks in the UAE are both members of the WACO global freight management and logistics organisation and recently the two cooperated to transport two saltwater crocodiles on a 12,000 kilometre trip from Queensland, Australia, to Dubai. A measure of the difficulties involved was that ten animal handlers took six hours to capture the 40-year-old saltwater crocodile King Croc, and his mate of 20 years Queen Croc, and load them into crates designed for them by Mainfreight.

King Croc is one of the biggest saltwater crocodiles in the world, measuring five metres and weighing 750kg, with Queen Croc measuring 3.2 metres and weighing 186kg. King Croc is expected to grow even bigger over the next decade. Once safely in their crates, the crocs boarded a plane to Sharjah Airport in the UAE on their way to their new home at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo at the Dubai Mall. Greg Giarratana, National Airfreight Development Manager, Mainfreight International Pty Ltd commented:

“Our team specialises in the handling and transportation of live animals internationally. We built crates for them specifically designed to ensure the temperature was controlled and the animals could be accessed and viewed from multiple points.”

After the lengthy trip by airfreight the Freightworks team met them in the UAE and ensured smooth Customs clearance, vet inspection, and onward transportation in temperature-controlled trucks to the Dubai Mall with Mark Simon, Director, Commercial Operations, Freightworks, remarking:

“The crocodiles were handed over to Dubai Aquarium and Mall on time and in perfect condition. The success of this job was driven by the teamwork between Mainfreight and Freightworks and the passion of the individuals involved to ensure that this unique project went to plan from start to finish.”

Mainfreight and Freightworks have been in the WACO system since 2001 and 2004 respectively and the cooperative organisation for freight agencies is headquartered in Zurich with operational management in London. WACO has a community of members in more than 92 countries with a combined network of more than 400 locations, employing over 21,000 freight professionals who handle over 1.85 million shipments each year comprising of one million tons of airfreight cargo. The network has a combined annual turnover of USD four billion making this exclusive network a top five player in the global market.

Photo: Greg Giarranta and his team with King Croc in Australia