Sunday, July 12, 2015

Project Freight Forwarding Agency Develops Speciality Supply Chain Service Offering

Stand Alone Company has 'Taste and Try' Option for Clients Seeking Support Without Commitment
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – The past couple of decades has seen an enormous growth in specialist services offered by what once were merely considered general freight forwarding agencies. Whereas previously other supply chain services were simply an ‘add on’ to the core business the diversification, originally led by some of the largest logistics groups, has now become normal practice for many ambitious agents which traditionally have always offered a more personal, and better, level of care than the industry giants, for whom throughput is often valued over actual service.

One company, which has won awards for its project forwarding services, is Allseas Global Logistics which has developed a new set of supply chain offerings, including a portfolio that contains something it is calling a ‘Dynamic Resourcing’ service. To ensure the success of the new venture, Allseas Global Supply Chain, the group appointed international supply chain specialist James Morris to lead the company backed up by a team of other industry experts.

James Morris has logistics in the blood and believes that his wide experience on ‘both sides of the fence’ is invaluable in creating the right solutions for clients. His father is Dennis Morris, previously CEO of GKN Freight Services and former chairman of the London Freight Club, and James has had a long and incredibly diverse career encompassing retail, liner and freight forwarding services, and will himself become chairman of the London Freight Club in July 2015. Allseas Global Supply Chain’s expertise covers a range of services including contract inventory management, contract logistics, forward hub distribution, multi-country consolidation, customs planning, sourcing and procurement, retail value-added services and freight management.

The one service in particular which the company says sets it apart is Dynamic Resourcing, which is exclusive to Allseas Global Supply Chain clients. This is a unique ‘plug and play’ solution in which the company will source a team of specialists across a variety of disciplines, to be instantly embedded into a company’s organisation. Members of the team can be swapped in and out as required, to suit the client’s needs. Such has been the success of this approach that more than 80% of the company’s dynamic resourced team members have been taken on as full-time employees by the clients involved, reflecting the high quality of the personnel sourced by Allseas. James Morris commented:

“Dynamic Resourcing is a bit like ‘try before you buy’, it keeps the client’s costs down and can support project delivery, while providing a scalable solution. There are peaks and troughs in any business and this model, which provides teams ranging from industry veterans to graduates, offers the ideal flexibility to our clients.

“[For my part] I am using my experience in the retail and liner worlds. Knowing what both the shipping lines and the retailers want allows me to tailor solution that is the best for both sides and it is the only way to give a unique proposal in the market. On top of that, we think from the client’s point of view, and that means taking into consideration the heritage, brand and people involved. It is up to us to give clients the best solution within the bounds of their business. It isn’t ‘just logistics’. Yes, it could be as simple as moving products from A to B, but if you care or understand what it means to be that business, then you will think way beyond the basics.”