Friday, July 28, 2017

Project Freight Forwarding Agency Allseas Global Logistics Runs Daily Services to the Awkward Places

Complex Planning Required to Move Multimodal Cargo to Certain Destinations
Shipping News Feature
UK – MIDDLE EAST – Although best known for its exploits in the world of project freight forwarding the recent expansion of Allseas Global Logistics has included extending its general cargo services, often working in the very areas which are the hardest to cover, simply because the experience gained working regularly in such contentious territories leads to a deeper understanding of local customs, practices and the difficulties which can trip up the unprepared.

With 35 years of working in such places, such as Iran, Iraq and Syria serving industries such as the Oil & Gas sector not to mention handling a wide variety of government contracts, Allseas Global Logistics has built up daily services to these countries as well as the CIS and Turkey.

The routes and modes best employed to some of the destinations need a regular reappraisal by Allseas to ensure the safest, fastest transit routes and, with much of the cargo in the out of gauge, temperature controlled and often high security, the day to day, multimodal services have to be at the highest level in all departments.

In order to maintain the service levels Allseas maintains strategically positioned coordination centres in places such as Mersin, Poti and Dubai from which each shipment can be directly monitored and forwarded. From the UK the movements are generally controlled from the Tilbury offices which the team moved into two years ago as the need for a larger control centre near London became more urgent and the services are individually overseen by Eve Gogarty from there.