Thursday, February 13, 2014

Project Freight Forwarders and Road Haulage Groups Under Represented in Top 1000 List

Recognition for Some in Telegraph - Stock Exchange List (even if they've gone under!)
Shipping News Feature

UK – The Daily Telegraph joined forces with the London Stock Exchange recently to compile a list of ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ to identify some of the UK’s most dynamic and exciting small and medium-sized enterprises, with the aim of showing that these companies are the lifeblood of the UK economy. Naturally the logistics sector was well represented, although many in the trade might feel that not enough credit was given to the industry's numerous SME’s, including road haulage outfits and freight forwarders, who have battled through the latest financial downturn.

The report focuses on more than short-term revenue and profit growth. The selection criteria required companies which have shown revenue growth since 2009 whilst also outperforming their sector peers, not just in terms of revenue but also growth in either employee numbers, square footage or number of filed patents.

The list includes representatives from all sectors of the industry with all-rounders such as Advanced Supply Chain (which works for companies such as Matalan); a specialist media logistics subsidiary of the Delta Group, MDP Ltd.; temperature controlled food carriers FreshLinc; Heathrow headquartered road haulage outfit Goldstar; PDP Couriers, in the niche market concerned with the logistics of materials undergoing clinical trials and healthcare products; general forwarder World Cargo Logistics; plus independent freight forwarder Edge Worldwide Logistics (EWL) and the Transglobal group.

Tuscor Lloyds, like EWL based in Manchester, and featuring a project forwarding arm as does Transglobal, said they were delighted to have been recognised in this way, particularly in the year of the company’s 20th anniversary and a spokesman explained why it believed it deserved the accolade and paid credit to those responsible, saying:

“Tuscor Lloyds is proud to have been included in the report, along with 20 other companies based in Manchester. It is thanks to our hard-working staff, innovative methods and global contacts that have enabled us in the previous 4 years to open 3 new offices (Hong Kong, Belgium, Netherlands) whilst also relocating our headquarters from a small office on an industrial estate to a modern, top floor office building in Salford Quays.

“We have also hired 9 new people in our UK office alone, expanding not only our shipping departments but also marketing, accounts and documentation. With our continued growth and strength in the market we have been able to open up new services not served by many of our competitors.”

Not everything about the list of 1000 was perfect of course. One of the logistics companies honoured was the Charles Gee Group, all of whose companies were placed in administration in October last year.

Photo: Tuscor Lloyds’ project forwarding department specialises in out of gauge shipments.