Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project Forwarding Group Complete Shipping Effort Into The Desert

Multinational Effort to Supply Power to North Africa
Shipping News Feature

LIBYA – TUNISIA – ALGERIA – This month saw remote locations in the three countries receive eighteen transformers and associated equipment at remote locations along their borders. Three members of the Project Professionals Group from different nations combined to ensure that the Siemens contract, emanating in Belgium, made the successful transit, shipping to power stations in Ghadames, Derj, Sinwawin, Nalut and Al-Sawia.

Polytra N.V. international transport engineers of Antwerp coordinated the shipment first, moving the sixty one tonne consignment to Sétubal in Portugal and Tarragona in Spain under the stewardship of fellow PPG members Alship Navegação in Portugal, who are well versed in African and Middle Eastern traffic, then onto the port of Misurata in Libya where other group member company Roland Spedition GmbH of Bremen have their own office.

PPG general manager Kevin Stephens pointed out the ability of team members to coordinate the movement in what was very much a team effort.

“I would like to congratulate PPG members on again demonstrating the value of utilising their specialist skills and drawing on an international network that is dedicated to working together to meet the needs of clients who seek solutions to complex logistical tasks,” Mr Stephens said.

“The project team overcame significant challenges to remain within budget and ensured safe and timely transportation to remote desert sites with temperatures over 40 degrees and no signs of civilization.”

Photo : Part of the Plant travelling across the desert for installation.