Friday, August 21, 2015

Portland Volunteers Needed to Help Load Boston Bound Schooner with Organic Freight Logistics Project

Maine Sail Shipping Programme Pushes Ahead with Timetable of Events
Shipping News Feature

US – Last month we featured a Freight by Water story which included a timetable of events for the schooner Harvey Gamage, due to load several tonnes of cargo consisting of organic produce and carry it, in the most environmentally friendly way, the 100 or so miles down the coast to Boston, Massachusetts. The farmers’ organisation Greenhorns is, as its name suggests, both young and dedicated to green food production and delivery, and the Maine Sail Freight project is a logistics initiative with just this in mind.

Sailing timetables are of course subject to the vagaries of wind and weather but Sunday August 23 sees a variety of happenings at Watermans Community Center, North Haven, Maine where the town’s Historical Society and Oyster Company will give talks, full details on the Maine Sail website.

August 27 sees the vessel loaded at 400 Commercial Street, Portland and all volunteers are invited to be part of the human conveyor to load barrels, boxes and bundles into the hold of the wooden schooner. This will be a chance to revisit the life of a docker in the last century so volunteers are warned to prepare for work and dress suitably. Following the stowing of cargo there will be a panel discussion in the evening covering the whole question of ‘Food Sovereignty’ Again full details on the website.

The Harvey Gamage is due to sail at dawn on Friday August 28, dependent on wind of course, and due to arrive in Boston the next day with unloading at the Long Wharf Marina August 30. At noon, sales of produce is due to start at Boston Public Market and continuing for the following two days from 8am to 8pm. Another sales point will be the Farmers Market, Harvard Science Building, Cambridge on August 31 noon to 6pm but it would be advisable to check the full schedule to see all the opportunities to assist this laudable initiative which are available.