Thursday, January 28, 2010

Port Sudan Company Wins Red Sea Oil Drilling Logistics Support Contract

Darka Shipping Land Support Contract for $50 million Deal
Shipping News Feature

SUDAN – News reaches us that Darka Shipping Agencies, a member of the Darka for Trading and Services group of companies based in Port Sudan, have signed the deal they announced last week to handle the supply chain requirements of the Red Sea Petroleum Operating Company (RSPOC) contract for the first offshore drilling campaign in the Sudanese Red Sea.

Two supply vessels, each exceeding two and a half thousand tonnes with helicopter support will provision the rig which lies 70 miles off the coast having been moved from Indonesia, where it was lying idle. It was outfitted whilst there with high pressure, high temperature (HTHP) capabilities before being moved by heavy lift vessel through the Gulf of Aden. The rig is on contract to RSPOC from John Fredriksen’s Seadrill operation for $196,000 a day until June.

Darka Vice chairman and VP of the African Cargo Logistics Alliance, Mohamed A.M. Osman said that Darka were responsible to ensure a smooth liaison between the Sudan Port and the rig. The contract from its inception in Indonesia to conclusion has been calculated at $49.9 million.

Photo : West Prospero Rig courtesy of Seadrill