Thursday, March 3, 2011

Port Report Indicates State Of The Freight Industry

Under Investment vs Green Issues
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE - Trelleborg Marine Systems, whose port related services and subsidiaries span the globe, have produced a report of interest to anyone involved in the movement of ocean freight. The group’s Barometer Report provides an in-depth insight into a wide range of issues including unscheduled downtime, investment priorities, plus maintenance and supply chain related matters.

One example from the report tells of the pressure which port operators face to be seen to be environmentally aware during a period of austerity. The report indicates that consultants acting on behalf of ports, terminals and harbours face the biggest demands with 86% admitting to some, significant or constant pressure to prioritise green solutions.

With so much focus on reducing carbon emissions throughout the supply chain Richard Hepworth, Managing Director of Trelleborg Marine Systems believes this puts pressure on transport organisations to invest at a crucial time, saying:

“The green lobby in the guise of legislators, carbon conscious clients and suppliers of new sustainable materials are a growing force. But the flip-side of the coin is the upfront cost premium, sometimes attached to these products, can be difficult to justify at a time when budgets are also under pressure.

“As the global economic recovery advances specifiers will focus their attention towards longer term environmental aspirations, but suppliers must continue to demonstrate that greener means leaner. Only then will sustainable materials and equipment become the norm rather than a perceived extra.”

The Trelleborg group contains brands such as Fentek, Seaward, Trellex and Harbour Marine, all of whom produce products and solutions for the safe berthing and mooring of ships within ports and harbours, on terminals and in waterways around the world. The port report covers other aspects such as unnecessary downtime in the industry and expresses concern that current under investment will lead to a serious deterioration in safety standards and lack of preventative maintenance leading to longer term concerns.

A copy of the full Barometer Report from Trelleborg is available as a .pdf document HERE.

Photo:- Trelleborg Super Cone fender system in situ.