Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Port of Tilbury Goes Bananas for Enhanced Logistics Supply Chain

Perishables Spend Less Time in the Warehouse - More on the Shelf
Shipping News Feature
UK – Having opened its new flagship 230,000 square foot temperature controlled facility in the Port of Tilbury earlier this year fresh produce logistics specialist NFT has now signed its largest single contract to handle 5,000 pallets of bananas and pineapples each week, amounts split approximately 50/50 between the two types of fruit, and the result means reduced time spent by the perishable items in the supply chain.

Boosted by the new Seatrade service which unloads directly into the NFT facility, the pair have joined in a partnership together with the port and the growers and importers to enable fast and efficient fresh produce imports, thus increasing the fruit’s shelf life. The proximity of the services means produce can be unloaded and redistributed to retailers within 24 to 48 hours.

Shelf life being the Holy Grail of the trade a detailed schedule of the entire supply chain, from grower to retailer was drawn up with the cooperation of the Costa Rican banana producers enabling the fruit to sell for as little as 10 pence each, demonstrating a real reduction in transportation and storage costs. Chris Soanes, commercial director at NFT, commented:

“This contract demonstrates we are able to impart our specialist expertise and work collaboratively with growers and importers, who we recognise as being experts in their field, to create a highly responsive and efficient supply chain into UK retailers.

“We have successful established contracts with melon and citrus importers also, and this new portfolio of produce only enhances are expertise in this area. [This new efficiency] demonstrates that distribution costs are definitely lowered as a result of eliminating unnecessary food miles”.

Photo: The new NFT facility.