Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Port of Lyttelton Expects Container and Freight Operations to Restart This Week

Earthquake Brings Yet Another Use for Shipping Containers
Shipping News Feature

Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND – Following the two earthquakes that struck the city of Christchurch on Monday the Lyttelton Port of Christchurch(LPC) has announced that they expect operations to be resuming at the port within the next two days.

The ports management state that though engineering assessments are still ongoing across the ports facilities they are expecting the resumption of general freight shipping by tomorrow morning and the container terminal to be operational once again by Friday afternoon.

They also state that they expect the port’s oil berth facilities to be operational by Monday next week and that rail freight operations to and from the port are already back on schedule.

The earthquakes, of 5.7 and 6.3 magnitude respectively, come just four months after the last catastrophe to strike the city and has done further damage to the area’s historic buildings, which in turn has led to a new use for the ever ubiquitous twenty-foot shipping container. Combined with straw bales these are being used as impromptu bracing for Christchurch’s Catholic Cathedral.

Engineers in the city have also show further resource in employing a toy known as the Quadricopter to survey the damage inside the cathedral, good examples of the kind of Kiwi ingenuity that has seen the LPC opened so quickly.

(pic: Shipping containers holding up the Catholic Cathedral)