Friday, April 27, 2018

Port of Amsterdam Release Annual Report as Ground Broken on New Supply Chain Training Facility

Sustainability a Key Component as Quayside Community Develops
Shipping News Feature
NETHERLANDS – Lots happening at the Port of Amsterdam in the past few days with the start of a new carbon neutral project and the release of the annual report for 2017. Firstly that new scheme, which saw ground breaking celebrations as the foundation pile was driven into the ground for the new Exclusiva and ROC NexTechnician building. The building will host projects key to furthering job opportunities in sectors of the supply chain and logistics industries and beyond.

While Exclusiva is the supplier of a full-range of detergents currently based in South East Amsterdam, NexTechnician is a cooperative of various companies with partners including Volkswagen, Volvo and Renault Trucks which together with ROC van Amsterdam (ROCvA), the Amsterdam Regional Training College,provides vocational training courses for the automotive, trucking, bicycle, bodywork and body repair industries. NexTechnician is currently located on a site in Amsterdam’s Sloterdijk district near one of ROCvAs nine sites.

ROC NexTechnician works closely with a variety of partners. The fact that the college’s instructors are themselves employed in the corporate sector ensures a good balance between theory and practice. This is essential, as the availability of qualified staff is becoming more important for companies considering Amsterdam as a potential business destination. The arrival of NexTechnician provides port companies with access to future employees, as well as promoting advances in technology.

The groundbreaking ceremony on April 17 was attended by family members, friends, customers and employees. The new, zero-carbon building is scheduled to become operational in April 2019 and roof-mounted solar panels will ensure maximum efficiency for the building.

Release of the Port of Amsterdam’s Annual Report for 2017 shows the port is holding up well, with growth in several sectors at a facility which covers a full spectrum of freight and passenger activities. Havenbedrijf Amsterdam N.V. (Port of Amsterdam) realised revenue of €150.1 million, compared to € 146.3 million in 2016. The operating result increased from €73.3 million in 2016 to €74.3 million in 2017. All seaports in the Netherlands have to pay corporate income tax with effect from 2017. The net result after deduction of corporate income tax is €60.9 million. The corporate income tax due for 2017 is expected to amount to €14.2 million. Port of Amsterdam pays €60.9 million dividend for 2017 to the City of Amsterdam as the sole shareholder.

Transhipment in the North Sea Canal Area rose to a record level of 100.8 million tonnes in 2017. Transhipment in the Port of Amsterdam was up 2.4% to 81.3 million tonnes (2016: 79.3 million tonnes). The increase occurred in virtually all cargo flows, with the largest rises in agribulk, ores and fertilisers. Transhipment of coal declined by 3% to 15.8 million tonnes.

The number of sea-going vessels visiting the port region (Velsen, Beverwijk, Zaandam and Amsterdam) in 2017 was 7,011 compared to 6,982 in 2016. The number of calls from inland shipping was 40,012 million compared to 39,205. Amsterdam was visited by 134 sea cruise ships in 2017. The number of river cruise calls in Amsterdam was 1,946.

As the transport of coal falls so the storage and transhipment of fossil transport fuels such as petrol, diesel and kerosene are anticipated to continue to rise in the coming years. Transport fuels are important for the Port of Amsterdam due to the ever growing popularity of air travel and the proximity of Schiphol. The ‘circular cluster’ devoted to minimal wastage of resources will also be expanded in 2018 with a number of new facilities and the Port is working on new energy transition ideas with space, both in the Port, and in the expanding city of Amsterdam itself, is at a premium.

Photo: The first pile is driven into the ground for the new Exclusiva and ROC NexTechnician building.