Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Plans to Expand Freight Handling Operations at Another US Container Terminal

New Operation Capable of Handling Two 18,000 TEU Vessels Simultaneously
Shipping News Feature
US – Despite the doubts being expressed currently regarding the viability of the new ultra large container ships, work goes on at ports around the world to ensure berths are both long and deep enough to handle import and export freight shipping off and on the mega carriers. The latest development announced is the expansion of facilities at the Washington port of Tacoma.

International Transportation Service (ITS), a subsidiary of K Line, has been operating container terminals in the ports of Long Beach, California, and Tacoma for some years and servicing the needs of various shipping lines calling on the west coast ports. The ITS ‘Husky’ terminal opened in 1983 and the company has now reached an agreement in principle with Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) covering major terms with respect to future rebuilding and reconfiguration of the facility.

Plans include expanding the Pacific north west coast terminal to provide 420,000 square metres (104 acres) of leased and preferential berthing area, complete with four of the largest and most modern gantry cranes, works planned to be completed by July 2018. This upgrade will ensure a container terminal capable of simultaneously accommodating two 18,000 TEU vessels.