Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pirates Fail To Hijack North Korean Ship

Somali Raiders Literally “Bottled Out”
Shipping News Feature

MALAYSIA – Molotov cocktails are now de rigeur in the defence of shipping after reports came in today of a North Korean freighter attacked on the 5th September whilst drifting off Mogadishu. The fuel filled bottles formed the basis of the crews defence as they came under fire from automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades.

The freighter had stopped to work on her engine when the assault began. The Captain immediately fired up the engine and sped off whilst calling for assistance from the International Maritime Bureau. The kidnappers faced a rain of distress rockets and flares in addition to the home made bombs.

It is believed a warship arrived after the pirates had fled in disarray but we await confirmation at this time of full details of the vessels involved.

In separate news a St. Vincent and Grenadines flagged bulk carrier the MV Irene, managed by a Greek company and with a complement of 20 plus Filipino crew was released by pirates after being hijacked on 14th April this year. It is not known if the ransom demand of $2.8 million was paid. She is currently being escorted by the EU NAVFOR Evertsen who boarded her after receiving advice of the release. The Captain of the EU vessel reports the vessel was freed late on the 14th September and that the 22 crew were healthy but hungry as they had been left with no food and water and very little fuel.

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