Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pirate Mystery Deepens as Ships Position Unknown

Plot surrounding Arctic Sea thickens after earlier reports
Shipping News Feature

UK – The story reported here on the 1st August concerning the Arctic Sea, which was boarded by Pirates off Gotland on the 24th July has taken a new twist.

Having reported the raid and stating that the intruders had left the vessel after tying up the crew and damaging her communication equipment, Dover coastguard have now said that they had contact with the vessel as she commenced her passage through the Channel on the 28th July but that had no news of any further contact. Having been tracked passing Brest in the small hours of 30th July there is only one reported sighting of her, by a passing Portugese coastal air patrol.

The vessel was due into Bejaia, Algeria mid morning on the 4th August but there are no reports of her safe arrival.

As we reported earlier the Russian authorities want to interview the crew, all of whom are Russian nationals.

There is speculation that the ship may still have been under the control of pirates when she transited the Channel.