Friday, June 10, 2016

Piracy Information Sharing Centre to Close

Plans in Place to Centralise Security in West African Waters
Shipping News Feature
WEST AFRICA – The Maritime Trade Information Sharing Centre – Gulf of Guinea (MTISC-GoG) will close before the end of this month, following the successful conclusion of the Pilot Project. Based in Accra, Ghana, MTISC-GOG has been operational since March 2014, supported by some EU Member States and other international partners. Merchant vessels submit voluntary reports to the centre which facilitates the creation of a maritime picture from Senegal to Angola and provides security warnings to vessels about suspicious incidents and piracy attacks.

Together with key stakeholders, the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), which established the Sharing Centre, have been reviewing the outcomes of the MTISC-GoG pilot project with the aim of establishing a sustainable reporting programme.

French and UK authorities, taking into account their own experience and the role of MTISC-GoG in the region, have decided to offer a new contribution to the maritime information network in the Gulf of Guinea. This will support the Yaoundé process and be in place by the end of June. The MTISC-GOG will close its Centre in Accra and cease operations, but its mission and its network will survive by supporting the France/UK cooperation and reinforcing its insertion into the Yaoundé process, which brings together West and Central African countries to work together towards ensuring maritime security in the Gulf of Guniea.

The MTISC-GoG website will be withdrawn towards the end of June and replaced with a holding page providing all the necessary contact details for the new France/UK cooperation.