Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Personal Packing Health Check Could Save Supply Chain Costs

Gloucester Firm Pinpoints Three Weak Spots in Preparing Loads
Shipping News Feature

UK – Packaging specialists Golden Valley (GVPS) contend that many companies in the supply chain are wasting literally thousands of pounds per year by using the wrong type of pallet wrap or inappropriate or poorly maintained pallet wrapping machinery, often in fact a combination of all three. The Gloucestershire-based company decided the best way to deal with the problem would be to offer a personalised ‘packaging health check’ service to help businesses wrap their palletised loads as cost efficiently as possible.

The service sets out to provide strategic, obligation-free and impartial advice on achieving the most effective pallet wrapping techniques. There are a number of common, cost incurring, pallet-wrapping related problems, for example loads can become unstable during transit and move while on the pallet or, sometimes, the film breaks on the bottom of the pallet during the wrapping process, in many cases causing the pallet to spill during transit. Both of these problems are likely to be the result of using the wrong type of film.

GVPS can apply a ‘Cost Calculator’ formula that identifies precisely how much a company is paying to wrap each pallet that leaves its store and armed with this information, a company is in a position to analyse more cost efficient options that will bring real and lasting bottom-line benefits. Managing Director, Martyn Sumner, explains:

“Ensuring that a palletised load is properly secured before it leaves the factory, warehouse or distribution centre is, an essential aspect of any efficient logistics operation. It is also a major cost, so it is perhaps surprising that in today’s cost conscious business environment, the price of wrapping a pallet load of goods is often overlooked. In fact, warehouse managers often have no idea what it is costing them to wrap a pallet.”

GVPS is the exclusive UK distributor of the Carbon and Alloy ranges of pallet wrap film which the company says delivers significant cost savings when compared to any other hand- or machine-applied pallet wrapping film currently available and all enquiries can be made via the company website.

Photo: The Golden Valley Pallet Wrap store contains thousands of miles of wrapping.