Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Perishable Freight Shippers Like Pallet Pools To Know Their Onions

CHEP Renew Contract with Major Producer
Shipping News Feature

US – Hatch, New Mexico, which styles itself the chile capital of the world (chilli to many of us Europeans) doesn’t only produce a variety of the hot little favourites which grace the annual festival there. At harvest time the eyes of incautious drivers smart as they pass through the tiny village but Hatch is also home to Shiloh Produce Inc., a leading supplier of the milder yellow, red and white onions which are grown locally, and which has just extended its agreement to freight the perishable produce on pallets supplied by CHEP, which provides container and pallet pooling solutions for shipping the vegetables from the processing facilities to supermarkets, wholesale clubs and distributors across North America.

Before deploying the CHEP pallet pooling program in 1999, Shiloh Produce predominantly used one-way and exchange pallets that reduced productivity and increased product damage. The onion company also wanted to improve customer service by providing consistently high quality pallets to retailers. The memorably named President of the Shiloh company, Stormy Adams, comments:

“By using the CHEP program, Shiloh Produce continues to see significant improvements in operating efficiencies, from our packing operation to our customers’ facilities throughout North America. It is also important that CHEP helps us meet our sustainability goals.”

Based on third-party life-cycle inventory analysis findings, through its use of the CHEP pooling system as compared to one-way pallets, each year Shiloh Produce believes it is reducing solid waste generation by more than 11,200 pounds, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by about 8,500 pounds and saving more than 240 BTU’s of energy. CHEP have a global stock of over 300 million pallets and containers making them a global leader in the field.

Pic: "Still Life with Onions" by Paul Cézanne