Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PD Ports Container Feeder Shipping Service Cuts ASDA Mileages

“Logical Link” means over a Million Road Miles Saved
Shipping News Feature

UK – PD Ports, bought in November by Canadian owned Brookfield Asset Management claim to have saved ASDA, the supermarket giant, a very precise 1,265,459 truck miles per year, or as they say, three trips to the moon and back.

Using PD’s “Logical Link” coastal feeder shipping system, a next day delivery service which operates three days per week between Felixstowe and Teesport, and launched a year ago the company has managed to considerably reduced the volume of ASDA trucks on the already over-burdened UK road network. This has led to a marked reduction in its overall supply chain costs and a significant cut in CO2 emissions of some 2,200 tonnes.

The coastal connection service sails from Felixstowe on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and by locating an import centre at Teesport to serve its northern based stores and consumers, ASDA has significantly reduced the movement of trucks on UK roads, which have been carrying goods purchased in the Far East, brought by sea to a southern UK port and then previously road hauled up to the North.