Friday, July 20, 2012

Passenger to Freight Conversion for Evergreen Air Cargo

Boeing Supply Yet Another Refurbished 747
Shipping News Feature

CHINA – Plane manufacturers Boeing, global air cargo transportation company Evergreen International Airlines and Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Company (TAECO) celebrated the delivery of the fiftieth 747-400 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF). The aircraft is the first to enter the Evergreen fleet and the fortieth conversion completed by TAECO. Modifications made to the aircraft are done at TAECO’s Xiamen facility with Boeing managing the overall conversion including engineering and materials. Passenger aircraft properly converted to freight carriage can provide a comparatively inexpensive option for cargo carriers.

Alterations made to latest aircraft include adding a side cargo door, a new, strengthened main-deck floor, full main-deck lining installation, provisions for a new cargo handling system and complete revisions of the airplane systems. Boeing’s BCF programme, a service the company has offered for over three decades, is committed to supplying customers with a fully refurbished aircraft backed by Boeing’s own support staff.

Boeing manages the overall conversion, including engineering and materials, and TAECO converts the airplane at its Xiamen facility under contract with Boeing. Ten conversions have been completed by customers using kits provided by Boeing and all the 747-400BCF deliveries have been completed on or ahead of scheduled commitments to customer airlines. Boeing’s vice president Dan da Silva for Freighter Conversions said:

"This is a milestone that few other large freighter conversion programs have attained. We believe this speaks to our focus on quality and customer needs."