Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Parker Hannifin Extends its Reach to European Merchant Vessels

Bilge Water Systems Approved by EU and Key Fluid Technology Acquisition
Shipping News Feature

US – UK – EUROPE – Following the successful completion of its acquisition of the Olaer Group headquartered in Deeside, United Kingdom last week, the Parker Hannifin Corporation has announced that its Parker Racor division is now to release its bilge water treatment systems onto the European market. The group has supplied its reverse osmosis technology to the US coast guard and Navy plus merchant vessel operators for three decades.

The BMS Series bilgewater oil/water separators include a proprietary membrane assembly for removal of emulsified oil. This produces an effluent with an oil content not exceeding 5 parts per million. The system is the first of many models designed to meet IMO MEPC 107(49) regulations. . Having obtained the “MED Wheelmark” certification in accordance with the European Union Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC, as amended by Directive 2010/68/EU, now European customers can take advantage of these innovative systems.

The BMS Series has been well received by the marine industry, Features include an advanced three-stage system optimising the separation and removal of free and emulsified oils, heavy duty construction, corrosion resistant materials, permanent oil attractant media, quiet operation, IMO compliant detection controls, and automatic diversion valves.

The BAS Series oil/water separators use a simpler adsorption technology that is also designed to meet the IMO MEPC 107(49) regulations. This series utilises organic clay to adsorb oil emulsions, and is designed to meet the growing competitive area of the market. Kelly Sullivan, Racor Village Marine Business Unit Manager, said:

“Both systems meet the tough requirements set by the International Maritime Organization that were adopted to reduce the oil that is discharged from vessels and now with the Wheelmark approval, we can help vessel owners in Europe. The units we developed exceed the IMO requirements while also being compact, efficient, durable, and a great value”.

With its twenty three global branches fluid management company Olaer has a presence in key areas worldwide with annual sales of approximately $200 million and 550 employees. It has manufacturing and sales in fourteen countries in North America, Asia and Europe, and the purchase expands Parker’s presence in geographic growth areas and offers expertise in hydraulic accumulator and cooling systems for target growth markets such as oil and gas, power generation and renewable energy. Jeff Cullman, President of Parker's Hydraulics Group, commented:

"We are excited about the opportunities for us to grow our business by providing customers with an expanded set of products and solutions and by extending the reach of the Olaer Group offering through Parker’s extensive distribution, OEM and international sales company channels. A detailed integration plan is being initiated to allow for a smooth transition of Olaer into the Parker organization.”