Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Painting a Freighter - Watch a Giant Cargo Carrier being born

Can You Guess Whose it is Yet?
Shipping News Feature

US – WORLDWIDE - Regular readers know that we at the Guide like stories involving big projects, from global freight forwarding movements to transporting giant oil rigs but often only something like a time lapse video can really give an idea of how these things develop, Thanks to the people at Boeing we are able to include a film demonstrating just how those giant cargo freighters produced at the company’s Everett factory get that individual identity that reinforces the air carriers brand as it crosses the world.

The Washington Everett plant, at almost thirteen and a half million cubic metres is the largest building in the world by volume and is where Boeing 747s, 777s, and the new 787 Dreamliner are constructed. The 777 freighter pictured took thousands of Boeing employees forty nine days to put together from its three million or so parts and five of those days alone were to coat the plane’s 200+ foot fuselage with the 570 litres of paint required as can be seen HERE.

The aircraft can carry over 100 tonnes of cargo over 9,000 kilometres and full specifications can be seen on this Boeing video. And if you haven’t figured out who bought it yet it was TNT for use on their long haul Europe to Asia service.