Sunday, August 30, 2009

Overweight on One Axle? You Must be Joking Officer

Overloading Appears to be a Universal Problem
Shipping News Feature

SOUTH AFRICA – For all hauliers out there who have strayed over the legal line comes an extreme story of a freight driver captured by the Koster, South African authorities. Not for him a badly stowed pallet too close to the rear doors. This guy managed a THIRTY TONNE excess.

The 47 year old driver was captured hauling an 86 tonne load and made to cross the Koster weighbridge when police suspected the enormous excavator he was carrying would easily exceed the country’s maximum permissible load of 56,000 kilogrammes. Apparently this was not a first offence as the Johannesburg based haulage company was fined R20,000 in 2006 for a similar offence.

Historically there has always been an increase in such offences world wide whenever recession bites. Truckers are tempted by the greater rewards on offer when they maximise payloads and sub contractors often find the pressure irresistible to break the law when companies insist on unrealistic targets.