Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Outsize Project Forwarding Task Successfully Handled by Rail Freight Carrier's Logistics Division

Holiday Season Meant Loading Entire Shipment on One Train
Shipping News Feature

RUSSIA – A recent project forwarding processing equipment from the Atomenergomash plant situated at Volgodonsk in the Rostov region to the Ryazan Oil Refinery, offered a real challenge to the staff at Russian Railways Logistics. The shipper provides equipment to the nuclear and conventional power generation industry and to say that the consignment was out of gauge would be an understatement as the freight totalled 334 tonnes, with the accompanying photograph giving an idea of the dimensions.

The cargo was loaded in two separate 12-axle sections of a coupled car and forwarded from the North-Caucasian to Moscow railway, based on a scheme developed in cooperation with the special projects department of the Central Directorate of the Traffic Control and the logistics branch of Russian Railways. All components of the shipment had to be loaded aboard a single train simply to reduce the problems inflicted on the railway infrastructure, particularly as the movement was during the busiest passenger transport season.

Normally Russian cargo movements are accompanied by photographs showing a frozen landscape but with current temperatures 5 degrees Celsius higher than London, extreme cold was not going to be an issue this time. The 1000 kilometre journey meant the movement had to be coordinated by representatives of the shipper, the owner of the rolling stock, structural units of the carrier, the Central Directorate of the Traffic Control and the specialists of the RZDL branch in Rostov-na-Donu.

JSC Russian Railways Logistics was founded in 2010 as a department of the world’s third largest rail outfit for the purpose of developing logistics business for Russian Railways. In this case special fixing equipment was necessary to secure the load and such oversize and heavy cargo deliveries are a growth service area for the Russian rail carrier, whilst the intention is to expand this type of specialised service and include more intermodality using sea and road options.