Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ostwind Rail Freight Container Service Survives

Change of Operator Follows Liquidation
Shipping News Feature

CIS – GERMANY – After the demise of intermodal transport operator ICF Intercontainer-Interfrigo SA, Basel,which ceased trading officially on the 2nd December when shareholders voted for the liquidation of the company the liquidators agreed to continue freight operations with a view to others taking over the running of services. At the time of the closure ICF had 145 block trains running throughout Europe.

Now we learn that Trans Eurasia Logistics (TEL) has taken over transport services for the “Ostwind” container block trains which run between Germany and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The company has established a common operations platform with InterRail Services (IRS), a Transinvest Group St. Gallen company. IRS previously marketed this service via a joint venture with ICF.

Trans Eurasia Logistics was founded in 2008 by Deutsche Bahn AG and Russian Railways (RZD), as well as their partners Polzug, Kombiverkehr and Transcontainer. The joint venture headquartered in Berlin specializes in logistics services for container transport between Western Europe and Russia. TEL provides through services from Germany to Russia via the operators Polzug and Kombiverkehr. Shuttle trains from Germany’s economic centres are combined into block trains which regularly run to Moscow.

Thanks to TEL’s involvement with “Ostwind”, there will be no interruption to the service provided to customers. Containers can be sent from twelve container terminals throughout Germany directly to Berlin-Großbeeren. The service is also available from Antwerp and Rotterdam. Trains run at least twice a week from the Berlin-Großbeeren freight terminal to the CIS and Mongolia. Within the CIS, destinations served include Moscow, Baku in Azerbaijan and Vladivostok.

The range of services also includes direct TEL container trains between Duisburg and Moscow. The transport route runs via Frankfurt (Oder)–Malaszewicze/Brest–Bekasovo to the CIS countries. The Moscow-Vladivostok Trans-Siberian route is the main transport route to the Far East, Mongolia and China.