Friday, December 30, 2011

Organised Crime Gangs Target Freight and Logistics Firms Over Holidays

Road Haulage Companies Suffer Armed Raids
Shipping News Feature

MEXICO – US – Regular UK readers will know we published a piece earlier this month warning road haulage operators and freight and logistics firms to be extra vigilant in the run up to Christmas and over the extended holiday period. Sometimes however it’s good to reflect on just how much worse the situation can be in foreign fields, and FreightWatch International, the US based supply chain security specialists tells us the sort of problem faced by logistics operators in Mexico.

It’s not only cargo vessels of the Somali coast that have to worry about organised crime and FreightWatch say companies operating in Nuevo Laredo or other areas of Mexico in which drug trafficking organizations are active should be aware of the situation and ensure security and logistics strategies are adjusted to keep personnel safe and cargo conveyances as secure as possible.

From the 22nd December onwards five transportation yards in the Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas area received a Christmas holiday visit from organised crime gang members who broke into premises then threatening on-site guards and searching offices for information regarding the loads destined for the United States. Information the criminals searched for included departure times and escorts data. The group remained on site at the locations, passing discovered information to their counterparts via handheld communication devices.

It is important to remember the immense scope of the organized criminal element in Mexico, realizing their network of informants and spotters allow them to quickly learn the departure and arrival schedules of shipments in the areas that they operate and the nature of each load.