Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Freight Supplier Maintains Output to Suit Continued Air Cargo Requirements

Envirotainer Produce 1000th Unit as Demand Persists
Shipping News Feature

SWEDEN – UK – WORLDWIDE – One of the few steady growth areas for the freight industry in the recent past has been the shipping of temperature sensitive products such as certain pharmaceuticals as air cargo and, as the integrity of the cold chain has come under increasing scrutiny, companies like Envirotainer have evolved to meet both the increased volume and improved technological requirements.

Having pioneered the world’s first ‘active’ air cargo container in 1995 the Swedish headquartered group reached a milestone this month when the one thousandth RKN e1 electrical heating and compressor cooling air cargo container rolled of the production line. Or rather it didn’t as this cannot be seen as an assembly line product, each container has to be crafted individually by hand to ensure the premium performance required by airline and logistics partners and the drugs companies which make up Envirotainer’s customer portfolio.

The demand has been such for the temperature controlled boxes that more units will be added constantly this year to keep pace with demand from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. As Gustaf Ljunggren, CEO of Envirotainer points out, saying:

“We will add another 250 RKN e1 units to our fleet during 2013, and thus have the opportunity to meet the increasing demand. Container availability is one of the most important factors for our customers, as stated in our recent customer satisfaction survey, so we are very happy to be able to support this requirement to meet both current and forecast demand for Envirotainer’s containers and cold chain management services.”

Photo: Each unit has to be constructed individually by hand to ensure reliability.