Thursday, February 18, 2021

On Line Discussion to Inform Logistics Providers What Major Retail Clients Are Now Looking For

High Powered Panel to Elaborate on What is Needed from 3PLs in Light of Covid
Shipping News Feature

UK – Video meetings and webinars have rapidly become the new normal as the problems of networking during the pandemic persists. Some however are better prepared for the difficulties of setting up a suitable online environment than others and, in this, the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) has form.

Over the last couple of years or so UKWA gatherings have employed audience responses and questions using reactive technology linked directly to the audience’s cell phones. Now, in our current situation, the organisation is hoping for similar success with a forthcoming virtual panel discussion to take place on Wednesday March 3.

The event has been proposed to educate third party logistics (3PL) providers as to how some at the very top of Britain’s retail sector are considering the decidedly uncertain future and what they might be looking for from their logistics suppliers to ensure a top quality supply chain.

Appropriately enough then it is the Covid pandemic at the heart of the meeting with leading speakers from major logistics user brands discussing the radical changes retailers are having to make due to it and the resultant continued closure of ‘non-essential’ high street stores and the super-acceleration of online shopping.

The panel employed is certainly a high profile one, with speakers Chris Warn, Global Logistics Director at Pentland Brands, Iain Bartholemew Director of Logistics, International & Europe, Urban Outfitters, John Munnelly, Head of Distribution Operations at John Lewis plc and Juan Manuel Santiago Mendez, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Parts Logistics UK.

The four will join UKWA CEO Peter Ward in the live event to discuss what’s next for retailers and to ask whether the 3PL sector is ready to ‘step up’. The warehouse association boss explained the reason for the meeting thus:

“Retailers are looking at radical new strategies for serving their customers, including massive reconfiguration of their logistics networks to move stock closer to consumers, improve agility and meet delivery expectations. Few have appetite for either the investment or the disruption associated with bringing this ‘in-house’ and are looking to their 3PL partners to take up the challenge.

”Accordingly, UKWA has brought together this high-powered panel of speakers to share their thoughts with the 3PL community and describe what logistics user customers will need from their supply chain partners going forward. If our industry fails to listen to the changing needs of customers or proves unable to take advantage of the emerging opportunities, we face a real threat.

”Rather than logistics being the new retail, we may instead see retail becoming the new logistics, if logistics users are driven to take control of their own warehousing, fulfilment and distribution requirements. I urge UKWA members and non-members alike to seize this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into what customers will expect from them in the ‘new’ post-pandemic, post-Brexit world.”

The UKWA Logistics Users Panel Discussion is free to attend and more detail and a registration link can be found HERE.