Friday, February 21, 2020

Old Skills Required to Manufacture Latest Freight Forwarding Project

From Bavaria to London for Hand Blown Glass
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – UK – Britain may have left the European Community but nothing illustrates the basic nature of trade better than the latest project freight forwarding shipment being undertaken by German group Dachser.

Much fuss was made in the UK about the chimes of Big Ben striking on the day of exit but meanwhile the scaffolding stayed in place around the historic Elizabeth Tower which houses the clock hiding the extensive renovation works currently being undertaken.

One of the major contracts is the renovation of the glass dials using 1,300 hand blown glass plates for the clock tower. These were manufactured in Bavaria by Glashütte Lamberts which faithfully reproduced Big Ben’s dial. Safely packed into wooden crates and onto pallets for transportation by Dachser, the glass plates travel via direct transport to their famous installation site in London, where a British company cuts them to the exact size to fit the tower’s clock face.

Dachser handles transportation from the Upper Palatinate to the UK using expertise from previous contracts, the company had already delivered glass made by the long-established company to the UK for Buckingham Palace. Speaking of the latest movement Robert Christ, Head of Marketing at Glashütte Lamberts commented:

“It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. And it’s especially moving to think that we’re the ones making the glass for it. It’s something we are proud of,”