Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Now EU Cargo Trikes Cut Emissions and Costs for Urban Road Haulage Operations in Europe

After US Launch Logistics in the Home Cities Stand to Benefit from Electric Vehicles
Shipping News Feature
NETHERLANDS – UK– EUROPE – Pitched somewhere between a motorcycle courier and a delivery van comes the new generation of vehicles, either pedal powered or electrically driven, properly described a tricycles but which are collectively generally simply called 'trikes'. These little utility vehicles are bound to become ever more popular in European cities where the drive toward cleaner logistics and quieter, more environmentally responsible road haulage operations are increasingly demanded.

A few months ago we told how a company based in Utrecht, had commenced operations in the US selling its new generation electric bikes and trikes, including the eminently practical RadBurro delivery tricycle. Now available in Europe the RadBurro is one of the first of its kind to be Whole Vehicle Type Approved under the L2e-U category, allowing for 1,500-watts of clean electric power instead of the standard 250-watts.

This extra power of course can make all the difference in a logistics operation and this factor, combined with a long-range battery, large carrying capacity, and manoeuvrable frame with flatbed, truck bed and cargo box configurations, makes the RadBurro adaptable for a variety of industries, but of special interest to inner city road haulage operations with smaller items in quantity to deal with.

The specifications of the RadBurro are:

  • 1,500W geared electric motor with 200Nm of torque and 35km/h top speed
  • 52.5Ah (2.52kWh) hot-swappable battery
  • 65-130+km range per charge, eliminating ‘range anxiety’
  • Power at the rider’s feet or fingertips
  • Integrated safety lights, tail lights, brake lights and turn signals
  • Equipped with rear view mirrors, steering lock, and horn
  • Motorcycle grade wheels, tires, and suspension fork
The trike body is available in four configurations: Flatbed (124 cm x 84 cm), Truck bed (124 cm x 84cm x 30 cm) and Cargo box (standard size: 134 cm x 84 cm x 119 cm; XL size: 142 cm x 84 cm x 138 cm)

As a direct to consumer set up Rad Power Bikes also offers two other solutions through its commercial division, the RadRhino Electric Fat Tire Bike and RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike, both of which are L1e-A category vehicles equipped with 750-watt motors, pedal assistance, on-demand throttle, and 40-72+km range per charge.

First launched in North America in 2018 the RadBurro will be showcased at both the International Cargo Bike Festival in Groningen on 14-16 June and at City Transport & Traffic Innovation (CiTTI) Exhibition in Milton Keynes on 18-19 June. Teun Kruijff, European Commercial Specialist for Rad Power Bikes, commented:

“We built the RadBurro to be a realistic, versatile, and affordable last-mile alternative that can help solve many of the transportation challenges that businesses and government programmes face today. This type-approval means we can bring a powerful, proven solution to customers across Europe who are working to improve their operations and eliminate their carbon emissions.”