Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now Chinese Express Freight and Logistics Services Blanket ASEAN Group

TNT Sharpen Up their Haulage Services
Shipping News Feature

CHINA –SOUTH EAST ASIA - Since freight and logistics group TNT started its Express Asia Road Network services (ARN) six years ago the company has made steady progress in expanding and enhancing its haulage operations. After successfully launching an electric fleet in Shanghai in September 2010, the company became even greener when it deployed its first fully electric fleet in Hangzhou this March. Now following trials lasting a year TNT Express has now integrated its Chinese day-definite domestic road network (operated by TNT Hoau - the Chinese freight group TNT purchased in 2007) with its ARN system, thus creating what it claims is the only scheduled pan Asia day-definite road network (China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore).

The purpose of the move is to provide customers in China and Southeast Asia with seamless door-to-door import and export road freight solutions. As an example the company tells how a company based in Shanghai can ship its products to Southeast Asia using TNT Hoau’s Day-Definite network. The goods will first arrive in Guangzhou, in the Chinese Guangdong province, within two days and in Pingxiang, on the border with Vietnam, the next day. Upon completion of customs formalities, the shipment will arrive in Hanoi on the same night. With its Asia Road Network, TNT Express can deliver the goods to 127 cities in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore within another 1-4 days.

TNT claim the combined services are up to 50% cheaper than the air freight alternative with only 1 to 3 days extra transit time and the TNT Day-Definite ground service now consists of 492 road routes and covers 209 large and middle-sized cities.