Friday, June 17, 2011

Now Boeing Demonstrates the Future of Air Freight

New 747-8 Freighter to Show at Paris Air Show Will Fly on Eco fuel
Shipping News Feature

USA / FRANCE – Following on from yesterdays report on Boeing’s predictions concerning the future of the air freighter fleet, the aircraft giant has confirmed that they will be displaying their newest model of their legendary freighter aircraft - the Boeing 747-8F - at the Paris Air Show from the 20th of June in its international debut. The aircraft will be on display for two days until the 22nd.

The company has also announced that the aircraft is also to perform another first to mark the occasion. The 747-8F will fly to Paris using a renewable aviation jet fuel – the world's first transatlantic crossing of a commercial jetliner using biologically derived fuel.

The aircraft will be using a blend of 15 percent camelina-based biofuel mixed with 85 percent traditional kerosene fuel. The airplane is scheduled to arrive at Le Bourget Airport on Monday at about 5 p.m. Paris local time (15:00 GMT) after a 4,989-mile (8,029 km, 4,335 nautical mile) trip.

"This historic flight is a boost to aviation's efforts to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency in all phases of our industry," said 747-8 Vice President and General Manager Elizabeth Lund. "And the 747-8 Freighter fits in well with these efforts by bringing huge improvements in fuel efficiency, lower carbon emissions and less noise."

Camelina, an energy crop grown in rotation with dry wheat and the plant source used to create the biofuel, is grown in Montana as part of a Boeing and other industry leaders five year research project on sustainable aviation biofuel development with the goal of establishing regional supply chains that produce biofuel /kerosene blends so as to reduce the industry's dependency on fossil fuels.

According to Boeing, plant-based biofuels provide a net reduction in carbon due to absorption of CO2 during the growth phase, and are a key element of the aviation industry’s strategy for achieving carbon-neutral growth beyond 2020.

No changes are needed for the B747-8 to use the fuel blend and full approval for the flight has been granted by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

For those not lucky enough to attend the Air Show and wishing to see the Boeing aircraft and activities on display they can do so through starting June 16th, and through its Twitter feeds: @Boeing, @BoeingAirplanes and @BoeingDefense. The site will be updated regularly with briefings and videos from the show and about Boeing programs.