Saturday, June 2, 2012

Norway Security Strike to Disrupt Air Freight and Passenger Flights

North Sea Oil and Gas Services Affected
Shipping News Feature

NORWAY – A breakdown in talks between the security workers unions and their Norwegian employers yesterday means that the strike, which so far has had limited effects upon air freight and passenger services, has escalated from last night causing problems for cargo traffic and the exchange of oil and gas worker crews to and from North Sea oil platforms.

The failure to settle wage and crew rota negotiations means that by Monday June 4th there will be over 3,500 security guards on strike at the countries airports with major implications for air traffic control points. All major airports, Oslo, Bergen, Trodheim, Stavanger and Tromso are among those affected with delays for passengers and cargo alike.

The Norwegian Union of General Workers (NAF) and Parat are both said to have staff who work for different security suppliers such as Securitas and G4S affected and although it appears that a full scale stoppage of services will not result from the dispute there are likely to be considerable delays to all forms of air services whilst the strike persists whilst the unions say emergency services will be unaffected.

Photo: Statoil rig workers will be affected by the strike.