Monday, December 10, 2012

No Win No Fee Comes to the World of Ocean Freight Transport

Cutting Fuel and Emissions Can Be Achieved Even By Making Minor Changes
Shipping News Feature

NORWAY – WORLDWIDE- When attempting to save money sometimes the smallest change in behaviour or materials can have a profound effect on the savings to be made and when dealing with the economies of modern merchant shipping cutting fuel consumption also carries the bonus of reduced emissions. This month two of Norway’s leading maritime related companies have joined up to promote a new way for ocean freight and passenger carriers to benefit without the risk of speculative added costs.

The Kyma Ship Performance (KSP) system has been used by ship owners to monitor ship performance since 1980 and there are more than 650 vessels with the system in operation today. Now the company has joined with one of the best known names in marine paints, Jotun, to try and implement an effective and quick-win solution for ship owners seeking to boost the energy efficiency of their fleet by improving hull and propeller performance.

Now Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions combines a next generation antifouling (SeaQuantum X200), and a reliable and transparent method for measuring the impact of the antifouling on ship performance (Jotun Hull Performance Measurement Method) with a no-cure-no-pay business model. According to Kyma’s Managing Director, Erik Hagestuen:

“Having worked with ship owners to monitor ship performance for more than 30 years, we have seen first-hand that there is a considerable fuel-cost and GHG-emissions saving potential related to improvements in hull and propeller performance. The no-cure-no-pay business model offered as a part of Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions, in combination with the reliable measurability offered by our Kyma Ship Performance system, should make it possible for ship owners to quickly realize much of this potential”.

The Jotun group has been around since 1926 and now comprises seventy four companies with thirty nine production facilities on all continents and Geir Axel Oftedahl, Director of Business Development for Jotun’s Hull Performance Solution Concept, praised Kyma on enabling fully transparent measurements of hull and propeller performance, saying:

“Performance-based contracting is a corner stone in our Hull Performance Solution. A prerequisite for performance based contracting is that the measurement methodology and data used to determine the outcome of the contract are available to both parties”

By using modern methods the two companies say that reliable and accurate measurement of performance will allow vessel owners and operators to make both fuel-cost and greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions savings, based on informed investment decisions.

Photo: Another vessel gets a coat of Jotun primer.