Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New World Headquarters for Freight Forwarding and Logistics Partnership

IJS Global Opens Schiphol Airport Base
Shipping News Feature

NETHERLANDS – IJS Global, having grown from its 2 U.S. based offices in 2004 to a worldwide partnership network operating in seventy seven countries has held an opening ceremony and launch event for its new world headquarters in Amsterdam. The group specialises in general logistics, freight forwarding and customs procedures and has established itself in a prime location right on Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and alongside the main A4 motorway.

The new facility more than triples IJS Global's warehousing space to over 5,400 square metres, provides additional office accommodation (2000 sq metres) at the same time as providing easier access and manoeuvring for customer vehicles through the incorporation of 20 truck docks with IJS Global's CEO, Sjoerd van Loon, commenting:

"In just our sixth year of operation it is a tremendous testament to the work of our global team that we are now able to move our world headquarters into a building such as this. We have specifically chosen to develop an existing building rather than going for a green-field site in order to minimise the environmental impact of our move. At the same time we have specified a refurbishment which incorporates the most modern technology to ensure that our environmental footprint impact is minimised.

“All the lighting within the facility is LED based with daylight dimmers, we have no traditional radiators on the walls, the heating system cools or heats only when there are workers in the room and we have had extra thick windows installed to ensure maximum insulation combined with excellent sound-proofing. Through the move to these new premises IJS Global will be able to operate more efficiently and we now have both our head office and our main Dutch facility situated in the ideal location at Schiphol Airport to grow our business."

Pictured from left to right from IJS Global are Sjoerd van Loon (CEO), Rene de Koning (Chief Marketing Officer) and Henk Hartong (Chairman) alongside the President of Schiphol Group, Jos Nijhuis.