Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Warehouse Technology Optimises Supply Chain Logistics

Hot Spots in the Workplace Identified and Streamlined
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – ATMS a company which specialises in supply chain improvement technologies has moved back into the warehouse with its latest development. Seemingly less exotic than some of the global freight tracking solutions the group provides HeatMap highlights areas of high activity inside a warehouse to enable management to optimise the logistics of stock movement.

Thinking behind the concept was simple and yet covers the areas vital to efficient throughput of goods whether within a manufacturer or distributor’s warehouse or a busy freight terminal. Where areas are under or overused? What changes could be made that would influence efficient positioning of stock? Previously ATMS points out these types of questions have been challenging to answer for a warehouse manager even if a variety of reports over a long period of time have been analysed.

The HeatMap is a 2D representation of the warehouse where locations highlighted show hot spots based upon number of picks from the locations. This way the module gives the warehouse manager the ability to quickly and easily see hot locations where the majority of picks are taking place and provides the information needed to plan and re-organise the warehouse product layout if necessary.

The HeatMap module collects data automatically upon events and provides the functionality to customise the HeatMap report, e.g. select the required date range or warehouse / location group. With hovering over a location it also provides warehouse managers with further details by providing a breakdown of the products in the location and the picks from each. HeatMap also gives the opportunity to illustrate planned / necessary re-organisations and forecast impact on efficiency.