Friday, September 18, 2009

New US to Afghan Air Service Opens

Mercury and Red Orange make alliance for transhipment service
Shipping News Feature

US – DUBAI – KANDAHAR – Mercury Air Group Inc, the Los Angeles based privately owned aviation services company has joined forces with Red Orange, Dubai based specialists in transport to “awkward” global regions to institute a cargo service to be known as “Final-Mile Peace of Mind”.

The Red Orange group have vast experience in transporting all manner of sensitive cargoes to the most unstable reaches including Iraq, the Middle East and hostile parts of Africa. Mr Lijo Mathew, Managing Director of Red Orange, said, “Our new relationship with Mercury and its subsidiaries provides us a strong calling card in the United States to increase our service to U.S. based contractors doing business in the region. Mercury and Red Orange is a winning combination that complements our respective strengths.”

Mercury were originally formed by three members of the legendary First American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers in 1956 and have developed into a major player in the US private aviation transport industry with 60 locations globally.

Contractors need a reliable route to transfer supplies to the country and it is hoped that in the future normality may return and this service is well placed to develop a trade less reliant than the overwhelming demand for military logistics.