Friday, October 8, 2021

New Unaccompanied Trailer Service Challenges Traditional Road Haulage Routes

Perishables Set to Establish Post Brexit Trade
Shipping News Feature

UK – MOROCCO – A completely new route between Tangier and the Port of Poole in Dorset has just been established by maritime and transport specialist, United Seaways which anticipates the first shipment arriving shortly.

The route has been in planning for over two years and will help bypass post-Brexit traffic congestion and import procedures on goods arriving via Europe. It will also significantly reduce emissions compared to current logistic chains by road. The company says 100 unaccompanied trailers of organic seasonal fruit and vegetables are shortly scheduled on the northbound leg. The service will now run once per week and largely comprise the transportation of dry and refrigerated freight.

The link cuts overall journey times on goods to and from the UK to fewer than three days, compared to more than six days via road. It is intended to encourage British importers to source fresh produce and other products directly from Africa, and export companies looking to enhance their southbound trade to Morocco and the surrounding region. The fallout from the current pandemic has of course also caused global supply chain bottlenecks, shortages and disruption to the established shipping industry routes, with sharp increases to ocean-going freight rates.

Trade relations between the UK and Morocco have a long-standing history of over 800 years, and it is anticipated the link will further strengthen ties between the countries. The UK and Kingdom of Morocco have in place a free trade agreement meaning consumers in the UK will continue to benefit from lower prices on goods imported from Morocco, such as fruit and vegetables, whilst their counterparts in Morocco will continue to benefit from lower tariffs on products such as dairy products, meat, fruit and vegetables from the UK.

Alongside its strategic logistics partners, United Seaways says it will be able to offer the new direct link with the most competitive rates, significant emissions reduction, plus full logistics services as required including road haulage, door to door services, custom clearance services and warehousing facilities as demanded by exporters and importers.

To offer this service and to overcome the present global supply chain disruption, current and future HGV driver shortages with the most competitive rates, United Seaways intends to shift from a RoRo service (unaccompanied cargo only) to RoPax service (including accompanied cargo). Captain Brian Murphy, Marine and Port Director at Poole Harbour Commissioners, said:

“The Port of Poole has been working closely with United Seaways to get this ‘Brexit Buster’ service up and running. The service will provide a greener and more time efficient option for importers and exporters from both kingdoms and we look forward to receiving the first shipment from Tangiers shortly."

Photo: The Port of Poole.