Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New UK Terminal and Marine Services Agreement Signed on Petroleum Discharges

Twelve Million Tonne plus Deal in Three British Ports
Shipping News Feature
UK – GAC UK has signed a three-year terminal and marine services deal with Valero Logistics UK Ltd. Under the agreement GAC UK will manage and support the discharge of 12-14 million tonnes of clean petroleum products each from up to 180 tankers a year at the ports of Cardiff and Plymouth. On 1 April, its raft of jetty operation services for the energy giant will be extended to include Avonmouth.

GAC UK will provide a range of terminal services including secure and safe manning of berths, ship/shore safety checks and connecting shore cargo lines to vessels’ manifolds. It will also conduct value adding cargo sampling. This latest signing comes just after the recent announcement of GAC UK’s contract to support Shell UK’s operations at Braefoot Bay.

“This latest deal represents the continuing expansion of our terminal and marine services portfolio in UK ports,” says Managing Director Herman Jorgensen. “We already have the local experience at these terminals and the expertise to handle the additional tasks assigned to us. Most importantly, we fully understand the service demands from both the shore and the ship side.

“As with all our operations, we shall strive to achieve optimum cost efficiencies for our customers while working with local communities and raising the bar both in terms of service delivery and health and safety.” Photo: The Valero facility Pembroke.