Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Truck Mounted Cranes For British Market

Danish Group Introduce Heavy Lift Long Reach Models
Shipping News Feature

UK – Danish owned truck mounted crane manufacturer HMF has launched a campaign to take a larger market share with the introduction of two new, state-of-the-art loaders and appointing its first UK dealers. The latest additions to its comprehensive product range are the 38-tonne/metre HMF 3820-K and 47-tonne/metre HMF 4720-K. Simple, efficient and cost-effective to operate, these new models can each be employed with up to eight hydraulic extensions and offer maximum reaches of 8.2-21.4 metres.

Both feature HMF’s user-friendly RCL 5300 Safety System, which prevents overloading and thus protects both the crane and operator. They can also be optionally specified with the latest dynamic version of the company’s pioneering EVS (Electronic Vehicle Stability) system – this calculates the extent to which the load on the back of a truck can also serve as a counterweight, thus allowing the operator to maximise the loader’s capacity while eliminating any risk of the vehicle toppling.

The new models are finished in HMF’s environmentally friendly coating, applied in a purpose-built, £12-million plant opened last year at the company’s headquarters in Højberg, providing a good-looking, hard-wearing surface able to withstand years of arduous use without flaking or rusting.

Despite the high quality of its cranes, which are designed and exhaustively tested for operation in a northern European climate, and the fact that its product line-up extends from simple 0.5-tonne/metre units to mighty 85-tonne/metre loaders, HMF has previously maintained a relatively low profile in Britain, where it has been regarded as something of a ‘niche player’.