Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Truck Driving Simulator Lets You Build A Virtual UK Road Freight Empire

A Chance to Try and Make it in the Haulage Game - Without the Risk
Shipping News Feature

UK – This week’s release of UK Truck Simulator is a light hearted way to try to learn some of the basics of the road freight world – for under £30. British based Excalibur Publishing already produced a left hand drive version of the game simulation, Euro Truck simulator plus others in the series for those frustrated fork truck and crane drivers out there. This latest edition is a right hand drive simulation including eighteen British cities and various main routes.

Any frustrated commercial transport wannabe’s can now buy a simulation which includes all the basic elements of moving from an employee of a truck company to owner driver and building up a profitable working fleet. With standards of graphic representation improving all the time the “driver” can look around a modern cab, manipulate incredibly realistic trailers, operate all cab controls etc.

You can move on to route planning, fuel consumption control, avoiding traffic offences and even own a string of depots and your own fleet, but as with all these computer replications you may need some time on your hands to progress through the various stages – maybe give it to the kids for a few days first!

Euro Truck Simulator topped the PC games charts on its release and Excalibur have high hopes for the new version which is available from Excalibur today for £29.99 or, if you have a couple of minutes it takes to load, you can see the game play trailer here.