Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Transatlantic Air Freight Collaboration Extends from Cargo Transport to Warehousing

Deal Must First be Agreed by Regulators
Shipping News Feature
US – EUROPE – United Airlines and Lufthansa have announced plans to enhance their current collaboration on passenger flights between the US and Europe, to include a new transatlantic partnership on air freight operations by United Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo Europe. The parties are discussing a wide variety of possible elements of the planned cooperation to create a seamless network for the shipping industry, which includes ‘an alignment of information technology services and warehouse facilities’.

The two companies hope that the planned cooperation of United Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo will create a more efficient and comprehensive transatlantic cargo network as well as increase the choices and benefits available to cargo customers.

Implementation of this enhanced cargo cooperation between United and Lufthansa is subject to finalisation of the commercial arrangement and compliance with existing EU and US regulations and necessary government approvals.