Monday, April 11, 2011

New Training For Mariners, Ship Owners And Freight and Liner Agents

BIMCO Diploma is Child of Today's Technology
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) which represents 65% of the world’s merchant ocean freight and passenger fleets, has teamed up with Videotel , maritime computer based training specialists and the largest multi-media producer of maritime safety training software which is used on over 10,000 vessels, to produce and launch a brand new BIMCO eLearning Diploma Programme (BeDP).

BIMCO believes the demand for effective training and education within the maritime industry has never been greater and will continue to grow and says Videotel’s web-based e-learning technology makes it possible to deliver this knowledge in a practical and affordable way to the employees of BIMCO members wherever they are in the world. Using the new programme, maritime students will be able to access training provided by online specialist experts and tutors carefully selected by BIMCO from the shipping world.

The diploma course will be aimed at students and young people entering a trainee or internship programme, staff from shipping companies, agents, brokers, banks and other financial institutions, legal firms, insurance companies or government organisations wishing to learn more about the shipping industry.

 In addition, the BeDP will also benefit shipping practitioners wishing to refresh and revise their shipping knowledge and, of equal importance, seafarers wanting to broaden their knowledge. It will be backed-up by online forums and workshops, to also provide networking opportunities for young shipping professionals. BIMCO says they will offer the package at competitive rates with discounts for staff from BIMCO member companies Secretary General Torben Skaanild saying:

“The new programme will enable students to build on their knowledge, acquire increased professional competencies and ongoing personal development at their own time and place. It is a new and exciting educational tool which will deliver the best possible lectures, covering all aspects of the contemporary maritime industry. The BeDP marks a new and exciting development in BIMCO’s training and educational mission, offering the most up-to-date technology to Members’ employees and facilitating the transfer of knowledge to all corners of the planet without costly and extensive travelling.”

Nigel D. Cleave, Chief Executive of Videotel, concurs commenting:

“This is truly a marvellous opportunity for us to work with an industry leader in the field of maritime education. Our distance learning concept is ideally suited to delivering the BIMCO Diploma course in a flexible and user-friendly way which allows students to integrate their education with their professional and private lives. We are delighted with the quality and content of the BIMCO training package and look forward to its widespread use throughout the maritime sector.”

The web-based training brings together content, curriculum, quizzes and examinations, putting them at the student’s fingertips. Online course meetings are held at designated times with tutors providing targeted guidance and instruction. Training onsite via e-learning does away with classroom costs, travel and hotel expenses, making training that much more affordable. Each training module represents approximately three months’ training – about 30-40 study hours – followed by a final, written examination leading to the award of a BIMCO Certificate. Four certificates can be combined to achieve the BIMCO Diploma.

The BeDP course work will be rolled out to Videotel client vessels via its unique, comprehensive, on board computer training system, Videotel on Demand (VOD), which also carries over 350+ CBT inter-actives, videos and courses, in readiness for enrolling to the BDP once the seafarer disembarks his or her vessel.