Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Technology Channelled to Lead the Way for Shipping

Low Maintenance Buoys Cut the Cost of Navigation
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Any seafarer knows the importance of the weather worn buoys which guide freight, passenger and fishing fleets alike safely through the shipping channels and harbours around the world. Usually the familiar rusting steel ‘barrels’ or newer plastic style markers need care and attention to ensure they continue to provide their essential service. Now developments by Trelleborg Offshore can mean less maintenance, and consequently lower long term costs for those responsible for ensuring safe navigable routes.

In addition to their port and harbour lighting system solutions and the familiar docking fenders they produce, Trelleborg has developed a complete range of IALA (International Association of Lighthouse Authorities) compliant Navigation Buoys and Lights. The comprehensive range, which includes, lateral marks, cardinal marks, special marks, safe water and isolated danger marks, has been specifically developed to provide a credible alternative to high maintenance steel hulled and rotationally moulded buoys.

The buoy diameters, ranging between 1.25 and 3 metres, are available in a selection of configurations and colours, as well as a choice of power and mooring options. Utilizing Trelleborg’s proven buoyancy technology, the range features a superstructure of marine grade aluminium with an elastomer hull and provides low maintenance over steel plus improved impact resistance and UV stability over rotationally moulded alternatives and also features a single float section and can be repainted over time. Ashley Tasker, Vice President of Marine at Trelleborg, commented:

“Using traditional hulls such as steel and the new plastic, rotationally moulded buoys, has plenty of disadvantages, with problems such as maintenance and UV damage common place. We’ve developed a new UV stable solution which is lighter than steel, but which still offers excellent stability and all round impact damage resistance.

“The range combines the best of both worlds to create a unique and reliable alternative for both Ports and Harbours and the offshore Marine industry and is also fully IALA compliant and will cover the IALA Navigation Mark Scope. So far our new and complete range of navigation aids has been extremely well received, particularly in the UK, where a number of major ports already have significant orders scheduled for 2012.”